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  • Collecting debts, Recovering debts, Repo, Representation in court, Recovering pay rights

National Coverage

Recovering compensations from car accident, Debt management, Reliability reports

Commission Computer

Debt/Debit (lei): Due date:

We intend to perform in an area where there is need of professional services and especially adapted to the needs and requirements of our customers.


About us

AS CREDIT RECOVET CONSULTING, founded in 2009, is a company that sets itself to be a successful partner on national level in the segment of debt recovering services, for legal persons and physical person alike, by offering complete, professional and competitive services.

Our team of professionals in this field comes to answer the clients’ needs with adapted solutions by accomplishing complete services regarding legal advices (in the prevention stage), collecting and recovering debts, representation in court and repo by working with officers of the court from all over the country.

We have it in mind to offer complex services by optimizing access to our clients at the liquidities that are essential for the entities’ activity.

Starting from 2009 we have developed a professional working environment, putting accent on an open and efficient communication.

In the future we want to become trustful partners for our clients and we aspire to put forward personalized services of collecting and recovering debts.

The values that we guide our actions around are:

  • Respecting our commitments in relation with our clients
  • Loyalty, integrity and confidentiality
  • Determination and will for performance
  • Long-term partnerships
  • For the purpose of streamlining the following of the files in working progress we have developed an administration module that our clients can access in any moment given so as to consult the activities carried out by our team. This is possible by connecting with a user name and a password.
  • Before the starting of our collaboration we analyze the solvency of the debtors.
  • Another competitive advantage consists of small and success-only commissions. Our collecting services are carried out without deteriorating the working relationships between the creditors and the debtors. We give our whole attention to every single debtor, finding that this is imperious in order to obtain optimal results.
  • Besides the activity reports that we give our clients weekly, we communicate in due time information about the changes of the files that are in working process. By doing so, we offer transparency in the process of concrete debt recover.

ASRECOVER covers at national level the entire area of collecting commercial debts, recovering debts and repo.

Through our collaborator lawyers we give our clients legal assistance at every bar date, in every stage of the litigation regardless of the law court in case.

AS Credit Recover Consulting is a customer oriented company with focus on creating a sustainable and effective relationship.



Collecting debts Recovering debts Representation in court
Repo Recovering pay rights Recovering moveables
from leasing contracts
Recovering compensations
from car accident
Debt management Reliability reports

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AS Credit Recover Consulting
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Debt recovery at the lowest fees in the market!

For the collecting/ recovering debt services our commission is exclusively based on the sum that we have recovered and the calculation itself depends on the value of the debt and its due date as it is presented in the table below.

Due date
in days
Amount in RON*
1000 - 25.000 25.001 - 100.000 100.001-
0-60 6% 4% 3%
61-210 8% 6% 5%
210-1080 13% 11% 10%

*The charges listed above do not include V.A.T



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